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A multi-unit group supporting Cornell University's institutional diversity planning initiative.

New members of the DFA & CIT Diversity Committee

In spring 2013, several new members were welcomed to the committee to replace individuals who resigned due to changes in their roles or work assignments. The following individuals are now serving on the committee:

  • Cindy Jefferson (Procurement Services)
  • Harper Watters (Treasurer’s office)
  • Jeff Silber (Controller’s office)
  • Jan Clayton and Tammy Babcock (CIT)
  • Margie Whiteleather (The Cornell Store)

The Communications Subcommittee has active contributing members:

  • Beth Lyons (CIT)
  • Jamie Churchill and Joshua Adams (Treasurer’s office)

We greatly appreciated the contributions of Halima Dhedi,  John Parker and Gail Thayer, who were all members during the period of the committee’s formation and first launch of diversity initiatives for DFA and CIT.

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