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Alliance for Diversity and Inclusion

A multi-unit committee supporting Cornell University's institutional diversity planning initiative.

About Us

The Toward New Destinations Initiative on Diversity requires colleges and administrative units to identify initiatives in support of the four core principles (composition, engagement, inclusion and achievement) for their constituent groups.

During fiscal years 2016 and 2017, in conjunction with the University Diversity Council, our diversity committee, which has recently been renamed “Alliance for Diversity and Inclusion,” seeks to direct learning and effort on the core principle of engagement. These next two years will focus on “The Lived Experience” of diversity, to foster the skills and provide the opportunity to engage with and work across difference, including partnerships with other colleges and units to strengthen the impact of all of our endeavors.

The following individuals are members of the committee:

Organization Representatives
Administrative Human Resources Tammy Blasz, HR representative for DFA, CIT, and University Audit
Cornell Information Technologies Amber C. Aiken, CIO-CIT Support
Sandra L. Boles, CIO Administration
Matt Klein, CIT Communications
Beth Goezler Lyons, CIT Communications
John Parker, CIT Applications
Cornell University Police Department Andrew Navarro, Police Officer
Division of Budget and Planning Sara Gibbons, Office of the Vice President for Budget and Planning
Division of Financial Affairs Joshua Adams, DFA Communications and University Policy
Chris Bennett, Office of the Vice President for Financial Affairs
Cindy Jefferson, Procurement Services
Jamie Parris, DFA Communications and University Policy
Jeffrey A. Silber, Sponsored Financial Services
Environmental Health and Safety Linda Aarismaa, Environmental Compliance
Office of the Dean of Faculty Jane Miller, Office of the President
Office of the Judicial Administrator
Office of the Ombudsman
Office of the President, including the Commencement Office
Office of the Provost
University Audit Office Nancy Preston, University Audit Office

Communications Subcommittee Members

  • Cindy Jefferson (Procurement Services)
  • Matt Klein (CIT Communications)
  • Jamie Parris (DFA Communications)

Prior Members

  • Tammy Babcock (CIT)
  • Jan Clayton (CIT)
  • Liz Field (CIT)
  • Margie Whiteleather (Cornell Store)


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