About Us

Cornell’s Belonging at Cornell diversity initiatives framework requires colleges and administrative units to identify initiatives in support of the four core principles (composition, engagement, inclusion, and achievement) for their constituent groups.

During fiscal years 2016 and 2017, in conjunction with the University Diversity Council, our diversity committee directed learning and effort on the core principle of engagement, focusing on “The Lived Experience” of diversity, which aims to produce long-term changes in composition and to strengthen the impact of engagement. Out of this effort have come our plans for the 2017 and 2018 initiatives of “Diversity of Thought” and “Cultural Diversity Awareness.”

Mission Statement

In keeping with Cornell University’s vision for diversity of “Open Doors, Open Hearts, Open Minds,” the Alliance for Diversity and Inclusion is committed to building a culture of respect and appreciation among staff members regarding issues of diversity and inclusion. This will include participation in activities offered by the university through “Belonging at Cornell,” as well as engagement in diverse educational, cultural, and social experiences.

Who We Are

The strategic direction for the Alliance for Diversity and Inclusion (ADI) Committee is provided by an executive team, which includes members of leadership from ADI’s participating units:

  • Joanne DeStefano, Executive Vice President and CFO
  • William Sibert, Associate Vice President and University Controller
  • Michelle Benedict-Jones, Associate Vice President and University Treasurer
  • Simon Allen, Associate Vice President for Asset Management
  • David Lifka, Vice President and Chief Information Officer
  • Glen Mueller, University Auditor
  • Paul Streeter, Vice President for Budget and Planning
  • Dave Honan, Chief of Police, Cornell University Police Department
  • Christine Stallman, Associate Vice President for Environmental Health and Safety

ADI Committee

  • Nakeschi Watkins, Cornell Risk Management
  • Dave Lifka, VP for Information Technologies and Chief Information Officer
  • Tammy Dibble, Administrative Human Resources
  • Patricia Driscoll, President’s Office
  • Sara Gibbons, Division of Budget and Planning
  • Leora Snowberger, Cornell Payroll Office
  • Kay Ford, Office of University Counsel and Secretary of the Corporation
  • Jeffrey A. Silber, Sponsored Financial Services
  • Agnes Morris, Environment, Health and Safety
  • Ron Henry, Cornell Information Technologies
  • Alison Jo McCauley, Cornell Information Technologies
  • Marshall Perryman, Cornell Information Technologies

Student Intern Planning Team

  • Cindy Wagner, Office of the VP Information Technologies
  • Nancy Preston, University Audit Office
  • Jilene DeMont, University Audit Office
  • Tammy Dibble, Administrative Human Resources
  • Nakeschi Watkins, Cornell Risk Management