Cultural Diversity Awareness

This initiative, which was introduced for the fiscal year 2018, brings an element of fun into the plans for the Alliance for Diversity and Inclusion’s (ADI’s) constituency. It is designed to cultivate an appreciation of the cultural expressions of diverse societies by encouraging employees to participate in events that include food, music, or dance from other cultures.

Employees are encouraged to attend one event (or more, if they choose) that broadens their knowledge of other cultures. Events include a cultural food event hosted by the unit, and dance performances (which may also include food) in the African, Chinese, Indian, Korean, and Middle-Eastern traditions.

For the cultural food events, each unit’s vice president will sponsor a gathering, which will be planned by a committee. Events will focus on a particular culture and can take the form of a cook-off or a potluck, depending on the committee’s preference.

Some of the performances being offered require an admission fee. The units in the Alliance for Diversity and Inclusion will reimburse employees for this fee.  Details for reimbursement will be published soon. For a list of these events, see the 2017-2018 Training page.

Latest News about Cultural Diversity Awareness