First Cultural Awareness Food Event Held by CIT

One of the new elements for Alliance for Diversity and Inclusion members this year is events specifically aimed at Cultural Awareness, and one part of that is an event where a unit or group explores foods from other cultures. On December 1, 2017, CIT included a range of delicious foods that don’t usually grace our tables as part of their All-Hands meeting that also welcomed IPP IT to the organization.

Buffet table of international dishes
CIT staff sampling the buffet.

Among the offerings were fasolatha, Greek bean soup; panzanella salad from Italy; Irish champ; Moroccan stew including squash, chickpeas, and lentil; quinoa from Central and South America; sausage and sauerkraut from Germany and Poland; Indian chicken tikka masala; and for dessert, baklava from Greece and Italian cannoli.

Soup tureen with card describing the food's culture.
Cards provided background about the origins of dishes.

In addition to being a break from the same treats that appear at every refreshment table, the special menu was a way of highlighting that diversity goes beyond ensuring all voices are heard, as vital as that is. It’s also a recognition that we live in a society with innumerable facets, in a world with even more complexity, and that once we get by the surprise of encountering something unfamiliar, the broadening of our horizons that occurs can make our lives and experiences more valuable and more fun.

In this case, you’ll also find out about some new dishes to delight your taste buds that you may never have tried on your own.

Entrees from the cultural awareness food event
A beautiful, informative, and most importantly, delicious display.

Other members of ADI will have the chance over coming months to attend their own cultural awareness food event. To coin a foreign, yet universal, wish: Bon appetit!

Baklava and cannoli
A sweet ending.