Diversity of Thought

This initiative was introduced initially in fiscal year 2017.  The objective is to encourage interactions with the different work cultures, backgrounds, experiences, and personalities that make up our offices to raise awareness of and appreciation for unique perspectives. We can gain insights into those unique perspectives through participating in activities aimed expanding our own individual perceptions.

For fiscal year 2017, the initiative focused on such activities as:

  • Diversifying membership on committees and work groups to include constituents not included in the past, varying the band levels on committees, inclusion of diverse individuals, etc.
  • Including discussions on diversity in staff meetings.
  • Encouraging effective conversations through supervisor training.
  • Achieving consistency among units in including diverse candidates in the hiring process.

For fiscal year 2018, the initiative will focus on such activities as:

  • Pursuing presentations with other units that do work that is different from our own.
  • Attending tours on topics that will provide insight and appreciation for the diversity at Cornell.

Employees can attend a variety of events to broaden their knowledge and get a glimpse of what other units do. Employees can attend presentations or go on tours of other facilities on campus to learn what they do. Tours include such facilities as the Johnson Museum, the Fuertes Observatory, the Wilson Synchrotron Lab, and even ride-alongs with the Cornell University Police Department. See a list of these activities on the 2017-2018 Training page.

Latest News about Diversity of Thought