Alliance for Diversity and Inclusion FY19 Program Enhancements

For the Alliance for Diversity and Inclusion, this fiscal year’s activities are building on many initiatives introduced last year, with more and different approaches. The Diversity of Thought component is adding new events like the Martin Tang Welcome Center, an Ice Cream tasting at Stocking Hall, a Cornell University Financial Forum presentation, and a Mindful Movement presentation by Cornell Wellness.

Cultural Diversity Awareness offers three events, Fall Step, Teszia Belly Dance Troupe, and Jazz Ensemble, and is continuing with Cultural Fluency Training and Cultural Food Events sponsored by each VP.

Facilitated training will offer ten additional topics. New this year are Becoming an Ally, Unpacking Unconscious Bias, Sexual Misconduct Awareness, Empathetic Listening Skills, Responding Effectively to Everyday Racism, A Culture of Belonging, and Conflict Resolution & Transformation, as well as “Deeper Dive” videos and articles, for individuals who’d like to take the subjects even further. For Diversity of Thought, Cultural Diversity Awareness and the training aspects of this year’s program, registration must occur by January 31, 2019 which is new for this year.

The summer intern program will again begin taking applications in early calendar 2019, providing an experience similar to this summer’s.

ADI communications has produced a new poster reminding staff to register for their training. An event calendar has been added to the ADI website, and the program is planning to do more to work with campus partners to get word out about ADI efforts through social media.