Alliance for Diversity and Inclusion (ADI) Summer Internships Begin in June

The Kick-off Meeting Opening Event for 2016 student internships will take place June 2, 2016.

While the eighteen interns will be working in different departments within DFA, CIT, and Audit, over the course of the summer, regular opportunities will be provided for group interaction among all interns. Weekly luncheons will feature guest speakers from CIT and DFA as well as various locations including the Cornell Store, Alumni Affairs, and Cornell NYC Tech Campus.

New this year, sessions will be held with the executive diversity team leaders, including Joanne DeStefano, Dave Lifka, and Glen Mueller, so that the students can learn about their careers and have opportunities to interact.

Over the summer eight-week timeframe, the interns will be working and learning in the following roles, for between 30 and 39 hours per week. (Some roles will have more than one intern assigned.)

Division of Financial Affairs

  • University Controller’s Office
  • Financial Systems and Reporting
  • Sponsored Financial Services
  • University Tax Office
  • Financial Initiatives
  • Procurement Services

University Audit Office

  • University Audit Office process projects

Cornell Information Technologies

  • IT Communications
  • Classroom Technologies
  • Custom Development
  • CIT Business Intelligence
  • IT Security Office

Cornell Store

  • Sales data analysis, e-commerce, and marketing

ADI welcomes and congratulates the 2016 interns, and thanks the groups participating in the program! The closing presentations to the leadership team and the intern supervisors will occur August 5, 2016.