Summer intern program attracts over 100 applicants

This spring, over 100 students applied for eighteen positions in the DFA, CIT, and Audit diverse student summer intern program. The summer intern program is an important part of fostering a culture of global diversity and inclusion at Cornell. Members of underrepresented groups (women, students of color, and students with disabilities) were strongly encouraged to apply.

The internships begin June 1, and on June 5 the interns will attend a kick-off event with senior leadership from both departments to provide them with an opportunity to get to know each other. Although the intern positions are in different departments within DFA, CIT, and Audit regular opportunities are provided for the interns from all divisions to gather and interact. Weekly luncheons provide the interns an extra opportunity to interact with each other and learn about various departments. The guest speakers at these luncheons include leadership from CIT, DFA, procurement services, investments and facilities.

Interning students gain skills in a hands-on learning environment that can be carried over to the workplace or graduate school. When the program ends this summer, the students will share a brief presentation of what they learned at a closing event on August 7. Another update will be provided after the program ends this summer describing some of the key outcomes from the program as well as photos from a variety of the intern events.