Opportunities for New Experiences

This year, ADI members had the chance to see the University from the perspective of a unit other than their own. The new Diversity of Thought initiative includes “experience opportunities.” For these, individuals could sign up to take a tour or hear the point of view of representatives from other ADI member groups. This led to some memorable, instructive, and fun moments.

One participant visited Stocking Hall (the Dairy), something she and her coworkers had wanted to do for some time. She says she and others she’s talked to liked being able to choose the event they went to. In addition, she says “I’ve enjoyed hearing stories from others, ranging from riding in the CU Police vehicle to visiting Space Sciences.” She notes the excitement people brought back from the events, which prompted them to share with others.

Someone who attended the ROTC event has a special connection to that subject, saying “My family background holds a mixture of past and present membership in a variety of branches of the military. Learning the critical role Cornell played in the history of training the military was really a cool connection for me.”

A Cornell Wellness talk was “an excellent presentation that showed many features beyond the fitness centers and traditional classes, including meditation, nutrition, life coaching, wellness support for departments, on-site fitness at work consultation and more.” A separate, related, event was a tour of Helen Newman with a focus on accessibility. An attendee said the tour “showed Cornell Wellness staff’s dedication and passion for helping every person gain access to fitness facilities and equipment.”

A visit to Cornell University Library Rare and Manuscript Collections was “delightful… especially the presentation on the Sexuality and Gender collection and the Hip Hop Collection. ‘The World Bewitch’d’ exhibit was amazing.”

The Alliance for Diversity and Inclusion strives to encourage awareness of how broad the subject of diversity can be, and to foster open discussion and thought about the subject of diversity in a way that is accessible and meaningful. We hope this year’s opportunities have met this goal, and look forward to continuing great experiences in the future. Thank you for your participation!