Alliance for Diversity and Inclusion Summer 2018 Internships a Success!

This past summer, the Alliance for Diversity and Inclusion’s internship program provided a full schedule of learning and growth opportunities for the 23 interns who participated. They in turn provided their sponsoring units with their effort toward accomplishing valuable initiatives and goals, and with their perspective on the workings of the groups they were in.

The Office of Executive Vice President Joanne DeStefano, the Cornell Store, and the Planning and Budget Office each hosted one intern; the University Audit Office hosted three; the Division of Financial Affairs worked with eight interns; and Cornell Information Technologies was the summer base of operations for nine. The interns also all collaborated on two projects:

  • Follow-up to previous year’s Student Experience Webpage development—survey process (Sponsor: Rebecca Joffrey)
  • CIT Student Services feedback focus group (Sponsor: Danica Fisher)

There is a planning team responsible for the summer intern program, which looks for enhancements to the program each year based on feedback from both students and supervisors. As a result of the feedback, some of the items that were implemented this year included:

  • A formal presentation on Business Etiquette
  • Cornell Police ride-alongs
  • Formal feedback to supervisors
  • A revision of the learning session on diversity

Interns and supervisors continue to rate the program highly. The interns indicate they think well of their supervisors, and also very much appreciate the luncheon program and speakers. Overall, students enjoyed the experience and say they would recommend the program to others. For their part, supervisors continue to participate in the program annually, hosting an intern in their area one year after another. Many also hire their interns to continue as student workers into the school year as budgets permit.

Thank you to all participating summer 2018 interns, supervisors, and sponsoring organizations! We look forward to coordinating with you again in 2019!