ADI Training Summary 2018-9

The Alliance for Diversity and Inclusion (ADI) once again thanks everyone who participated in this year’s training events! This year’s program was released on September 18, 2018 and completed on April 30, 2019.

In all, ADI has well over six hundred constituents across fourteen organizations. There were twenty facilitated sessions focusing on nine different topics. Thirty-three tours helped attendees learn about the diversity of the work done by individuals in areas at Cornell as varied as the Fuertes Observatory, the Liberty Hyde Bailey Conservatory, and Cornell’s Vertebrate Museum. Nearly every person across our many member organizations participated in at least one facilitated session and one cultural event. And one-third of ADI members went “above and beyond,” attending or participating more than required!

While the planning committee was glad to see that your responses to the diversity training options were once again positive, some of you commented in feedback surveys that you were inconvenienced by session cancelations and the way they were handled. We are sorry that your experience was not as positive as it could have been, as a result of facilitators who unexpectedly canceled their sessions; however, your comments give us the opportunity to explore ways we can help anticipate any problems that may occur in the future, in the unlikely event that a situation such as this arises again.

Also thanks to your feedback, ADI is evaluating potential adjustments to the type of sessions available and how communications are handled. As we near the beginning of next year’s program, we’ll provide more details.

The level of engagement and involvement shown by ADI members is noted and applauded by Cornell leadership—Thank you! Your efforts and participation are greatly appreciated!