Alliance for Diversity and Inclusion’s robust programs develop students and employees

Each year, the Alliance for Diversity and Inclusion (ADI) typically recruits about 20 diverse students for summer internships and trains around 600 employees. Originally, ADI comprised only two units with just over two hundred employees and hired just a handful of interns annually. This growth reflects ADI’s years of experience developing some of the most robust diversity initiatives on campus, two of which help develop students and promote workforce diversity and inclusion. ADI is a committee overseeing multi-unit diversity and inclusion initiatives since 2012, and its programs support the university’s Belonging at Cornell institutional diversity framework.

ADI’s diverse student summer internship program seeks to equip students with experience they can use as they enter the workforce. As one former intern said, the program provides “a great experience for rising sophomores and juniors, preparing them for future internships outside Cornell.” Students participate in social events, facility tours, department-led projects, and business presentations throughout their internships, learning the basics of university operations and putting their skills to the test.

ADI begins the application process for 2019 summer interns in January and expects to hire the largest group of interns for ADI to date, about 30 in all. To see what the internship program is all about, see ADI’s Student Intern Program page.

This year’s diversity training initiative, which started in October and ends April 30, has been one of the largest efforts ever for ADI, offering 16 facilitated training sessions spanning 9 different topics and the opportunity to attend one of more than 35 “Diversity of Thought” or “Cultural Awareness” events. Facilitated training includes discussions on unconscious bias, sexual misconduct, empathetic listening, racism, conflict resolution, and more.

The blend of facilitated training with other events enriches the experience of diversity for participants. Diversity of Thought events, which include facility tours, wellness opportunities, and presentations, encourage interactions among individuals with different work cultures, backgrounds, experiences, and personalities to raise awareness of and appreciation for unique perspectives. Cultural Awareness events, which celebrate music, dance, and food diversity, bring an element of fun to the program, helping to cultivate an appreciation of the cultural expressions of diverse societies.

You can read more about these and other ADI initiatives and get the latest program news on this Alliance for Diversity and Inclusion website.

ADI comprises the following units: Cornell Information Technology; the Division of Financial Affairs; the Office of the President, including the Commencement Office; the Office of the Provost; the Office of the Dean of Faculty; the Office of the Judicial Administrator; the Office of the Ombudsman; Office of University Counsel; University Audit; Budget and Planning; the Cornell Police; and Environmental Health and Safety.