2016-2017 Training

Each year, staff members in our organizations participate in mandatory diversity training exercises to meet the university’s Belonging at Cornell goals. For this year’s training, you are required to enroll in only one activity, either a self-learning opportunity (video or article) or a facilitated session, and you will be asked to take only one survey at the end of your training.

Registration for all activities is now open. All training must be completed any time before April 14, 2017.

How to Register for Training

  1. Visit https://apps.hr.cornell.edu/ods/odfs.cfm. You may be asked to log in with your Cornell NetID and password.
  2. Select “registering yourself for a diversity program.”
  3. Scroll down and select one item from the list of articles, videos, and facilitated sessions.


  • Facilitated sessions are limited to 30 participants each, on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Look carefully at the list of training on the HR website to select the training you want. Hovering over the titles reveals their descriptions.
  • A list of available sessions and their descriptions is available at below. Before you register, you may wish to see the list and descriptions from this blog, copy the training title, and search for it on the HR registration page (Ctrl+F).
  1. Click to check the box next to “I have read the Cancellation policy.”
  2. Click Submit Form.

You will receive a confirmation email, which will include an Outlook meeting invitation. This invitation only applies to facilitated sessions. For articles or videos, you can take the training any time, as long as you complete it by April 14, 2017.


How to Complete Your Training

  1. If you selected an article or video, complete your training any time before April 14, 2017.
  2. If you selected a facilitated session, attend the training on the date for which you registered.
  3. For all training, once completed, take the survey before April 14, 2017. A link to the survey will be provided in your registration confirmation email.

If you have any difficulty registering for your session, please email us at adi@cornell.edu.


2016-2017 Training Sessions

Facilitated Training

  1. Developing Our Ally Identity, facilitated by Cornell Woodson, Associate Director, Diversity and Inclusion, ILR
    Unconscious bias: what to do when you see it occurring; how to be an ally.
  2. Diversity and Leadership in Higher Education, facilitated by Gerald Hector, Vice President for Financial Affairs
    A discussion based on a dialogue at the National College Business Officers meeting and his experiences at Ithaca College.
  3. Disability Inclusiveness, facilitated by Angela Winfield, Director, Inclusion and Workforce Diversity
    A discussion on recognizing disability bias in the workplace.
  4. Disability Inclusiveness, facilitated by Erin Sember-Chase, Assistant Director, Student Disability Services
    A discussion on recognizing disability bias in the workplace.
  5. Diversity Zone: Reflection. Support. Dialogue. Change., facilitated by Cornell Woodson, Associate Director, Diversity and Inclusion, ILR
    Micro-inequities: a description of key terms, discussion, and activities.
  6. Genuine Conversation:  Racism and Inequity, facilitated by Gregory Eells, Ph.D., Director, Cornell Health Services
    A discussion on race and inequity, in light of current events around the country.

Self-Guided Training

  1. “An interview on diversity with Brad Smith, general counsel of Microsoft,” Workforce Diversity Network
    A perspective from a successful corporation’s lawyer on diversity in the workplace.
  2. “As a Muslim, My Heart Freezes with Fear,” by Manal Omar, Workforce Diversity Network
    A reflective view from another culture.
  3. “Breaking Bias – How to Reverse your Brain’s Worst Habit: Fear Less, Love More,” by Karin Evans, Mindful Magazine, August 2015
    A discussion on an approach to overcoming bias.
  4. “Difference Makes a Difference,” Workforce Diversity Network
    The power of diversity in the workplace.
  5. “How ‘Privilege’ Became a Provocation,” by Parul Sehgal, New York Times July 14, 2015
    A thoughtful discussion on how the work “privilege” creates certain images and meanings for an individual.
  6. “Is everyone is a little bit racist?,” by Nicholas Kristoff, New York Times, August 27, 2014
    An introspective discussion on racism.
  7. “Leadership for a New Age,” (Multi-generational Office) by Jennifer Salopek, TD Magazine, June 2006
    Being productive when there are different age groups in an office setting.
  8. “People with ‘Invisible Disabilities’ Fight for Understanding,” heard on All Things Considered, NPR, March 8, 2015
    A discussion on disabilities that might not be visible.
  9. “Who’s Being Left Out on Your Team,” by Carolyn O’Hara, Harvard Business Review, August 27 2014
    The power of collaboration utilizing diversity of thought.
  10. “Why I’m a Racist,” by Jeff Cook, The Huffington Post, July 15, 2016
    A view on how sometimes our unwitting positive “intent” may not always be received in the way we were expecting.
  11. “Workplace Bullying a Costly Epidemic in the Enterprise,” by Sharon Florentine, CIO.com, November 7, 2014
    How bullying can occur, and the consequences of it.
  1. “A Call to Men,” Tony Porter, TED Talks (via ted.com) [11:13]
    A discussion on sexism. Warning: A small section of this powerful and positive video contains strong language and imagery that involves the description of a violent act against a woman.
  2. “ADHD as a Difference In Cognition, Not a Disorder,” Stephen Tonti, TEDx Talks (via YouTube) [13:37]
    A reflective view of diversity of thought.
  3. “Embracing Otherness, Embracing Myself,” Thandie Newton, TED Talks (via ted.com) [13:55]
    A discussion from a well-known British actress regarding learning how to like her own diversity.
  4. “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Discussing Race,” Jay Smooth, TEDx Talks (via YouTube) [11:57]
    An introspective on thinking about race relations.
  5. “I’m Not Your Inspiration, Thank You Very Much,” Stella Young, TED Talks (via ted.com) [9:16]
    A discussion on disabilities.
  6. “Inclusion, Exclusion, Illusion, and Collusion,” Helen Turnbull, TEDx Talks (via YouTube) [13:16]
    A view on micro-inequities and bias.
  7. “It’s Time To Get Under the Covers,” Christie Smith, TEDx Talks (via YouTube) [16:05]
    A discussion on how individuals go out of their way to be “politically correct.”

    1. Accompanying article: “Fear of Being Different Stifles Talent,” by Kenji Yoshino and Christie Smith, Workforce Diversity Network, from Harvard Business Review, March 2014 issue
  8. “This is What LGBT Life is Like Around the World,” Jenni Chang and Lisa Dazols, TED Talks (via ted.com) [11:50]
    A glimpse into a study that interviewed LGBT individuals outside of the U.S.
  9. “We’re all hiding something. Lets find the courage to open up,” Ash Beckham, TED Talks (via ted.com) [9:22]
    A discussion on how individuals sometimes hide themselves to fit into the office culture.
  10. “Why We Need Gender-Neutral Bathrooms,” Ivan Coyote, TED Talks (vis ted.com) [11:50]
    An individual’s perspective on the bathroom controversy and Cornell’s activity on the subject.

    1. Accompanying article: “University to provide inclusive restrooms, consistent signage,” by Nancy Doolittle, Cornell Chronicle, February 25, 2016
  11. Grouping of three videos:
    1. “Cracking the Codes: A Trip to the Grocery Store,” Joy DeGruy (via YouTube) [3:48]
      A short video depicts how unconscious bias can occur.
    2. “Fresh Definition of Diversity,” ‪Joe Gerstandt (via YouTube) [4:47]
      A short video which provides a different view on diversity.
    3. “What is Unconscious Bias?,” Diversity Partners (via YouTube) [2:20]
      A short video on which provides a perspective on bias.